Kelly Willoughby
Senior Account Executive
Gordon Flesch Company

What benefits/services from the Chamber did you utilize in 2020?
I participated in quite a few events in 2020 – GBCC did an amazing job with the virtual platform. I attended numerous Rising Professional virtual events to continue networking, connecting, and professional/personal development.

GBCC really put a lot of time and effort into being one of the first chambers to run virtual networking events during the pandemic so we could all still connect and continue to learn and grow both professionally and personally. Numerous new connections were made and I also took part in listening to a lot of speakers share about their leadership and their journey to get there.

Many of the speakers offered inspiration and education during a very challenging year. And a lot of laughs – we all need those! The partnership with the Stateline YMCA to still bring the Influential Women in Business luncheon to us virtually was absolutely amazing.

We all need mentors and to hear empowering stories of heartache + hard work + determination = success. We were able to break out into smaller groups as if we were sitting there in person at a table eating lunch and we all made more connections.

GBCC also kept us up-to-date with the everchanging pandemic requirements and provided guidance along the way and also constantly encouraged us to support local restaurants and retail as well.

In what ways have you plugged into the Chamber?
I really enjoy the energy and ideas from the Rising Professionals group and find it very worthwhile to attend speakers telling their stories of leadership, innovation, and challenges during their journey – how they got to where they are. I learn quite a bit from the newsletters and find it valuable to stay present and engaged in the offerings that they provide.

Beloit is a very fun place in which to work and play and I learn something new and meet someone new at each event.

What would you tell someone who’s considering joining?
Joining the Chamber is truly a win-win for everyone involved. You will connect with people that will help you grow your business and also learn ways to improve upon yourself personally and professionally. They want you to succeed and are constantly seeking feedback from their members on how they can better serve their members.

It’s a great resource and a fun one at that! It’s a huge part of what community is all about – working together, we can do so much and really make an impact!

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Senior Account Executive
Gordon Flesch Company
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