Vets Roll

1777 Gardner St.
South Beloit, IL 61080

Phone: 608-207-8319
Hours: 9 am- 3 pm CST (Mon-Sat)

Vets Roll

Vets Roll’s mission is to provide safe ground transportation and an enjoyable experience for World War II and Korean era* U.S. Military veterans and “Rosie the Riveters” to visit their war memorials (and other related sights) in and around Washington, D.C. as soon as possible.

WWII Veterans and “Rosies” are passing away at an alarming rate. These heroes are now in their mid-80s to mid-90s and time is not on their side.

Unfortunately, the veterans and civilian volunteers of this era have never received the proper respect and gratitude that each and every free person owes to them.

Your generous donations will allow us to transport our honored guests free of cost to the participants!

*Korean Era veteran for VetsRoll is active duty by 12/31/58 and honorably discharged.