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1421 Racine St. Ste. G
Delavan, Wisconsin 53115

Phone: (262) 740-9040
Hours: 8:00-4:30

Thrivent FinancialWe’re much more than insurance and financial services. We’re a not-for-profit membership organization of Christians.
Our mission is to help Christians b

e wise with money and live generously. To do that, we promise to help you along what we call the Wise With Money Journey.
There are four guideposts on this journey, and we’re here to help you with each one:

  1. Know God’s money story.
  2. Own your story.
  3. Practice wise financial habits.
  4. Give of yourself.

No matter where you are on this lifelong journey, we can guide you one step at a time so you can live a more content, confident and generous life.
For more than 100 years, we’ve helped our members be wise with money and be good stewards of the gifts God has given them.
You can join us. Become a member today.