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Gordon Flesch Company

Do you find that your technology fails when you need it the most? Do you really know if your office technology is supporting or hindering your business goals? With technology changing by the minute, there’s not enough time in the day to keep up to date, take care of IT related issues, and also concentrate on what you do best for your company. For an easily budgeted, small fixed monthly fee, the Gordon Flesch Company can take away the frustration and considerable cost of managing your IT environment – and focus on your technology roadmap.

Kelly Willoughby

Kelly Willoughby
Account Executive

For almost 6 decades, businesses have turned to the Gordon Flesch Company as a premier provider of business document solutions, including copying, electronic content management, managed services, and workflow consulting. GFC is fully committed to delivering unmatched technical expertise and support for an overall amazing customer experience!

We start with an innovative network assessment methodology that works to realize significant business process improvements for our clients. Our business solutions are utilized to effectively reduce operational expenses and increase employee productivity. Finally, we help you realize these business improvements by combining the financial flexibility that can only be delivered by GFC Leasing, our in-house financing division.

Gordon Flesch

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