ABC Fire & Safety, Inc


 ABC Fire & Safety, Inc

2581 Park Ave
Beloit, Wisconsin 53511

Phone: 608-362-1634
Hours: Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm
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ABC Fire & Safety, Inc

ABC Fire & Safety, Inc. is Beloit, WI’s most experienced provider of fire protection, with over 50 years of service to the local area. When you’re looking for superior fire protection for your home or business, remember that we stock the most advanced fire extinguishers and safety cabinets, and our professional staff members know what will work for you. Part of the power of fire extinguishers is knowing just where to point the device for the most effective result.

Our experts can train all of your employees and family members how to do it right. Plus, our new fire extinguisher simulator means we can train anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The proper fire suppression system installed prevents a disaster becoming worse. Our staff is the most experienced in installing, testing and maintaining all aspects of fire suppression technology. There’s no better way to extinguish a fire early than our fire suppression systems.

Along with quality fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems, we also sell and install emergency lighting, safety cabinets, evacuation equipment, and fire protection accessories.