Ana Montoya | RP Board Member

Ana Montoya

New RP Board Member Profile

Ana Montoya | Rock Valley Credit Union

Ana Montoya
Director of Community Outreach
Rock Valley Credit Union


Rockford, IL

Favorite Restaurant

It’s a tie between Zen Sushi and Bushel & Pecks

How did you come to be in Beloit?

My family moved to the area to open their own small business, having no connections, relatives or friends. The community took us in as part of their family!

How long have you lived in the community?

15 years.

What is your career background?

Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

Why did you accept the Rising Professionals Board of Directors position?

It is an honor to be on the Rising Professionals Board of Directors. This is an opportunity to learn from talented up and coming leaders, develop new skills, network, and build lifelong friendships.

What special strengths do you bring to the Board?

Every RP Board member brings something so special to the group and it helps us as a group look at every idea through a different lens. I bring a genuine interest in learning from my peers, and an opportunity to share my experiences, ideas and culture.

What goals do you hope to achieve during your term?

It is my hope to bring positivity, inspiration and engagement to retain young talented professionals in the Stateline Area.

Which Rising Professionals committee do you plan to serve on?


What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I really wanted to be a TV reporter or journalist growing up and in my high school journalism class I fell in love with ad design. As the Design Editor in Chief for my high school newspaper, we competed among other high schools across the state and won first place for design – proud Marketing moment!