Willowick Assisted Living

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306 Ogden Avenue
Clinton, WI 53525
Phone: 608-774-2104  

Website: www.willowicksenior.com

Willowick Assisted Living

Hours:Willowick Assisted Living 7:30am to 5:00pm (office) hours of operation 24/7

Welcome to Willowick- a vibrant, new assisted living community nestled in the charming town of Clinton, Wisconsin.

The team at Willowick is dedicated to fulfilling what we like to call “Everyday Wows™.” An everyday wow is that extra something special. Though it is not clearly defined through words it is a tangible sentiment that, once experienced, is undeniable.

While modern society has embraced the fast paced and ready-mixed customer service methods, we at Willowick value quality service and genuine human connections.

We do this by maintaining the dignity of each individual and honoring each person’s choices.

Everyday wows occur via helping each person be present and engaged as an individual, and being mindful of the large and small things that make life worth living.

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