Business After Hours

Business After HoursBusiness After Hours (BAH) is a popular networking opportunity and is always held on a Wednesday each month. BAH is a time for Chamber members and invited guests to meet other Chamber members and generate new business contacts. It is an ideal time for sponsoring companies to showcase their products and services to the Greater Beloit business community. BAHs are a members-only benefit.

Event Details

  • 5–7 pm; with optional program, thank you and/or drawing at 6:00 pm.
  • Hors d’oeuvres and beverages of the sponsor’s choice


  • Approximately 50-75 people (keep in mind, time of year/month and other events can greatly affect attendance.) We do not require reservations for BAH’s.
  • $10 member charge at the door for each attendee. Employees/staff are not charged. All proceeds go to the Chamber.


  • All costs of the event are the responsibility of the sponsoring business.
  • Costs include
    • Creating, printing and mailing invitations
    • Refreshments
    • Giveaways (optional)
  • Please use a Chamber member whenever possible for mentioned services

Hosting Business

  1. Business contacts Chamber to reserve a date for a Business After Hours. We prefer the first or second Wednesday of the month, but are flexible if Wednesday doesn’t work for you.
  2. Business will create and print invitations. Invitations MUST have the Chamber logo and $5.00 Chamber Member charge on it. Must be reviewed and approved by Chamber staff. Mail out invitations 3 – 4 weeks before event.
  3. Business will mail out invitations to Chamber mailing list, plus any additional invitees. The Chamber list is approximately 300 names. Please provide 25 invitations to the Chamber office.
  4. Business provides appropriate refreshments through a caterer of your choice during Business After Hours. Suggestions are hors d’oeuvres and wine/beer/soda.
  5. Provide a table and two chairs (with a waste basket) for registration.
  6. Often the hosting business provides door prizes for attendees (optional).

Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce

  1. Provide labels free of charge (if Host is doing in-house mailing), OR provide electronic mailing list to mailing house. Business must mail out own invitations.
  2. Provide registration materials.
  3. Provide Staff and/or Ambassadors for registration and to collect money at the door.
  4. Notice event in Chamber Newsletter.
  5. Post event on Chamber Website.
  6. Provide Ambassadors to act as hosts as needed.
  7. Remind members through a broadcast or e-mail 3 to 4 days before event.