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Kristen Holtan | Blue Line Battery

Kristen Holtan
Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Blue Line Battery

Kristen Holtan is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director for Blue Line Battery. She currently lives in Appleton, WI and her favorite restaurant is Panera.

Tell us more about your company.

Blue Line designs and manufactures intelligent Lithium-ion power systems that eliminate the headaches associated with lead acid batteries. We serve a variety of markets including material handling, AGV, floor care, aerial, ground support equipment, stationary, and EV. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our ability to custom-engineer solutions to fit almost any application.

How did you come to be in Beloit?

Since working with Hendricks Commercial Properties/Grey Collar Ventures, we have relocated our HQ to Beloit.

How did you come into this business/industry/company?

In college, I was very involved in the entrepreneurial community at UW-Whitewater. As a freshman, I launched an LED lighting startup and saw success competing in Shark Tank-style pitch competitions. Dustin, CEO of Blue Line, was a judge for one of my competitions and approached me afterward sharing that he was pivoting his electric bicycle business to a battery startup and that he also had 3D printing capabilities.

One of the issues I was facing with my portable LED products was waterproofing. Dustin was able to help design and print a waterproof casing for the batteries that powered my lights. I started doing graphic design projects for his company in return and, within a few months, joined the team as a Co-Founder and Marketing Director!

How has business changed for you during a pandemic?

Thankfully, the need for industrial batteries has not decreased with the pandemic, so we haven’t been significantly affected in that way. The biggest struggle has been shipping delays with components.

Why did you join the Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce?

To get more involved in the Beloit community, build relationships, and grow our network.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Maybe not surprised, but here’s something funny: My first “entrepreneurial experience” was in the 2nd grade when I started selling used school supplies to my classmates. My goal was to be the one-stop- shop for the trendiest eraser caps, gel pens, and pencil grips. My venture was shut down after my teacher found out. A great memory it is haha